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Buy the first three books in The Overlords series from our site.

Buy the Books

Buy the first three books in The Overlords series from Amazon.

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Overlord Enterprises is the business wing of The Overlords fantasy books series. Where Mike is the author and creator of the novels, Overlord Enterprises focuses on helping potential authors reach their goal of writing a book of their own. Overlord Enterprises also offers presentations on "The Concepts of Writing and Publishing", Writers Workshops, School and Library Visits, Self-Publishing assistance, and so much more! For more information on the services we offer, email Mike (at) the-overlords (dot) com.

Writer’s Groups and Book Clubs:

Mike's available to visit Writer’s Groups and Book Clubs. His goal is to inspire as many people as we can to get that novel or short story out of their head and into print. Many times Mike's a guest of small writer’s groups or book clubs where he discusses what he does in terms of writing techniques, self-promotion, and marketing. Sometimes it just takes knowing that someone else has been in your shoes and understands your frustrations. He's here to help!

Creative Writing Workshops:

Creative Writing Workshops for students focuses on more of the fundamentals of writing and crafting a novel. These workshops are intended for those pupils who wish to further their understanding of creative writing, where Mike gives a hands-on approach to his Four-Pass editing technique and inspires the kids to complete their work. The workshops are usually run with the coordination of the students’ teacher, but they can be scheduled independently as well.

One Day School Visits

Teachers! Teachers! Teachers! One of the most important things that we try to do is inspire children to be creative, believe in themselves, and write that story that they have in their head. One way to accomplish this is by making school visits. We’ll gladly coordinate with you to schedule a trip to your middle school, high school, or even college-level classes. We always provide a letter to the parents two weeks in advance that details the school visit and cost for a copy of a book(s). And, we always donate one book to the school’s library. Our daily agenda and fees are listed below:

Complete School Day Package

Power Point presentation on the Concepts of Writing and Publishing

Our step-by-step approach to the writing and editing process, followed by marketing and self-promotion strategies.

Question and Answer Session

Children are encouraged to ask the burning questions on their mind!

Monster Creation

This session is reserved for younger students where we’ll create monsters in lieu of marketing strategies.

Purchase Books and Autograph Session

We always have plenty of books for kids to purchase and have personalized.

Lunch with 8-10 writer’s to be (Teacher’s Choice)

Mike brings a bag lunch and roughs it with the kids! This is a great way for some of the prize pupils to sit with him and ask questions that they may have been embarrassed to ask in the group setting.

Overlords School Projects

Teachers, another service we offer are year long writing projects with your students. In 2007, Mike spent the second half of the school year working with two sixth grade classes at St. Philomena’s School in Portsmouth, RI. School projects consist of the following:

Education Steps

Power Point presentation on the Concepts of Writing and Publishing

Our step-by-step approach to the writing and editing process, followed by marketing and self-promotion strategies.

Separate students into groups to begin creation of the story.

Groups will create the story’s setting, protagonist, antagonist, supporting characters, weaponry and armor, miscellaneous magical items and spells.

Creation of Plot Points

Students will create three storylines. A representative for each storyline will explain in detail what it entails, then the class will vote for the one they will make into a book.

Students write first draft of the story.

Over the course of the school year, the students will write their story. Each child will be responsible for writing a part of the story.

Editing, editing, editing!

The students will use Mike's Four-Pass approach to editing, which includes ensuring a clear beginning, middle, and end to the story, well-defined characters, characters attain their goal, solid grammar and spelling, correct passive voice and adverb overuse, and discover the wonders of a thesaurus!


Not every student is a great writer, but many are wonderful young artists. Students will create the cover design, maps of their world, and other pictures that can be placed throughout their book.

Send book to the Publisher.

After all the students’ hard work is complete, we will send the book to the publisher to have it bound.


Mike will give a presentation on the marketing techniques he uses to self-promote his book, and work with the students to help sell their book. Book sales are usually set up to raise money for charities, school supplies, etc., and teach the kids that writing the book is really the easy part!

Final Day

Pass out the books to the students and announce the proceeds that the students raised during their marketing campaign.

YouTube, Podcasts, and Skype an Author

Coming Soon!

The Overlord Enterprises Team

Besides Mike, Overlord Enterprises has two more very important team members.

Jon Toorock, Strategy Officer

Jon grew up in Long Island, New York and lived in New York City until 2002. A graduate of The University of Rhode Island, he started in the Internet industry in 1995.  Jon quickly went on to become involved with two Manhattan online start-ups.  The first, Jupiter Communications, a research firm that specialized in “Online Intelligence” had a successful public offering in 1999.  Since then Jupiter Communications has been bought and sold multiple times, most recently being purchased by international corporation Forrester Research.  Jon was one of the first employees brought on to the second successful Internet start-up company he joined – Afternic.  Afternic, which was on the cutting edge of the web in creating “community” specifically surrounding connecting buyers and sellers in the secondary market for domain names, was acquired by (the #2 largest domain name registrar in the world at the time) for approximately $50 MM in cash and stock in 2000.  Jon went on to work with Register until 2002, when he decided to move from New York City to Portland, Oregon.  While still keeping strong industry ties and excellent track of Internet trends, Jon has been deeply involved in the non-profit arena ever since his move, including heading up numerous web efforts as both a Development Director and volunteer.

Paul Abrams, Lead Artist

Paul often paints mystical still lifes and dramatic moody landscapes in oils. He strives for images of beauty and mystery, translating into art a world reflecting magical wonder. By dealing with lyrical and fragile moments in time, Paul’s work stirs an awareness of life's splendor and enigmatic qualities.

The artist's work is included in numerous private collections and is represented by galleries across the country and in the Hudson Valley region of New York State including Arlington Art Gallery, Poughkeepsie, NY, Carrie Haddad Gallery, Hudson, NY and the Davis Gallery of Fine Art, Genoa, Nevada.

Paul has also been creating works for comic books and games, as well as fine art galleries and private commissions.  His work has appeared in Marvel and DC Comics, TSR, Heavy Metal, Lightning Entertainment and numerous other publications.

A graduate [cum laude] from Cornell University with at Bachelor of Fine Arts and the State University of New York at New Paltz with a Masters of Fine Arts, Paul has been a professional illustrator for over 25 years and returned to painting in 1996.