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Here you can learn more about each of the books, including character Biographies, back stories, and more.

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Legend of the Treasure (Paperback)

The first book of The Overlords series is titled Legend of the Treasure. In this book, our heroes set out in search of the fabled Treasure of the Land. The following can be found on the back cover of the book:

Harrison Cross wishes nothing more than to help his hometown of Aegeus secure the land's most sacred treasure, the bounty of the ancient Overlords known simply as the Treasure of the Land. The original Overlords vanished on one infamous day over 1,000 years ago leaving behind clues to their hidden treasure in the form of indestructible metallic plates and a map revealing a series of secret rooms. During their journey, Harrison and his friends face countless foes on their way to the sacred Seven Rooms, including the evil Scynthians who want nothing more than to eradicate the human race, and the ruthless and treasure-seeking Lord Nigel Hammer, governor of Concur and his large menacing army. Using the clues discovered along the way, the group must successfully navigate through the hidden mysteries of the sacred Seven Rooms in order to secure the land's most elusive prize. Only then will their journey be a success. The question is, will they succeed?

The leader of the group is Marcus Braxton, a seasoned fighter who has yearned his whole life to find the Treasure. The town elders of Aegeus allowed him to put together a team of adventurers that would help him on his quest. They are Harrison Cross, a young, talented paladin, Xavier Murdock, one of the finest bowmen in the land, Pondle, a halfling thief, Jason Sands, a strong an seasoned warrior, Aidan Hunter, an expert tracker, and Swinkle, a young and gifted cleric. Together, they hope to bring back to Aegeus the hoard of the ancient Four Kings, enough treasure to help every man, woman, and child in their part of the land.

Price: $14.99 + ($5.00 Shipping)

The Talisman of Unification (Paperback)

The second book of The Overlords series is The Talisman of Unification. Harrison and his friends have discovered a seemingly insignificant leather-bound scripture. Swinkle examines the book and finds that its text is magically encrypted. Sensing that there is a deeper meaning to him finding the manuscript, the young cleric convinces his friends to employ the services of a mage to help decipher the elusive writings. When they do this, the group discovers that uncovering the Treasure of the Land is only the first step of a much larger quest. The authors of the manuscript instruct the group to search for three precious gems, an ancient artifact, and to fill a canister with the blood of an evil red dragon. Only after completing these steps will they be able to open the gateway that will lead them to more understanding of the powers they now possess.

Unbeknownst to the adventurers, Troy Harkin, King Holleris’s General-at-Arms, is dispatched to search for the taken manuscript. He, along with his advisor, Teleios, and their platoon of soldiers scour the land for the missing book. Along the way this new group of adversaries teams with Lord Nigel Hammer – yes, he’s back! – the ruthless governor of Concur, and his contingent of men as they try and hunt down Harrison and his friends. And no quest would be complete without the ever-growing Scynthian civilization, a revelation that is quickly becoming a reality.

The stage is set for new battles and confrontations, a quest to find intricate treasures throughout the land, a deeper understanding of the powers they possess, revelations of Scynthian uprisings, and a battle with Dracus, a terrifying dragon of fire.

Price: $14.99 + ($5.00 Shipping)

Journey To Salvation (Paperback)

Journey to Salvation, the thrilling third book in The Overlord series, finds our hero, Harrison Cross, and his fellow adventurers returning to the young warrior's hometown of Aegeus after searching for the coveted Treasure of the Land and the Talisman of Unification.  Their destiny instructs them to embark on the most noble of quests – reunite humanity under one rulership!  Harrison's righteous upbringing is perfectly suited for the task, save for one thing; he must overthrow his nemesis, the ruthless Governor of Concur, Lord Nigel Hammer.

Garnering the support of the neighboring coastal villages and towns, as well as Aegeus' formidable allies, Argos and Arcadia, Harrison embarks on his noble quest.  Adhering to the instructions of the Ancient Four Kings, the land's original Overlords, the young warrior finds he cannot shake one nagging thought: Can he win this battle?

Price: $14.99 + ($5.00 Shipping)

Mission of The Kings (Paperback)

Mission of the Kings, the fourth and final book of the thrilling Overlords saga, finds our hero Harrison Cross and his friends charging to Arcadia’s aid, their first step in reuniting humanity, after a brutally coordinated Scynthian surprise attack. Unbeknownst to them, the evil King Holleris and his wicked warlock have created a diabolical race of two-headed dragons to instill fear and terror to all peoples of the land. Harrison, forced to forge unlikely alliances with the land’s other humanoid races, prepares to confront the evil king before his heinous army of dragons destroys all that is good. With the odds stacked heavily against them, Harrison must decipher the clues contained in the Talisman of Unification to have any chance of defeating the evil that permeates the land. The question is, can he do it before all is lost?

Price: $14.99 + ($5.00 Shipping)