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Check out what some Overlords fans have to say about Legend of the Treasure and The Talisman of Unification:

Harriet Klausner, Minnesota, USA -- #1 Ranked Amazon Reviewer

Over a millennium ago, the Overlords simply vanished. Throughout the lands of Gammoria, Arcadia, and Ontarian Territory as well as disputed area, smaller semi independent states and unclaimed deserted patches, this powerful civilization left behind metal plates allegedly with clues to a hidden bounty that over the centuries has become known more as the legend of the TREASURE OF THE LAND concealed in the Seven Rooms.

In Aegeus, Arcadia off the Serpent Sea, Harrison Cross persuades some of his friends that they can find the mythical treasure and bring it home so their town can prosper. Even as they follow the clues of the plates along the way, the trek proves dangerous as the Scynthian race wants all humans dead so they attack them without mercy. At the same time the ruthless Governor of neighboring Concur Lord Nigel Hammer and his malevolent horde want the treasure for selfish reasons and killing a few rivals is no problem for them.

This engaging quest fantasy reads like a cross between the game Dungeons & Dragons and the cult movie Fillard Millmore. Findings from a dead ancient civilization are marveled over as if they were once magical and still are if you can figure out how to use them; sort of like a caveman seeing electricity. Although the villains are two dimensional either as ruthless and or Lady Macbeth ambitious, readers will fully enjoy traveling with heroic fully developed Harrison and his companions as they face danger every step of the way, but courageously continue on their mission in a land vividly described by J. Michael Squatrito, Jr. so it seems real.

Draegon Grey, Irving, TX, says:

“Act One Review” of Legend of the Treasure Book

‘A great start leading up to what appears to be a great adventure with 7 chosen warriors’

This fun tale of adventure is a joy to begin reading. For starters the Premise is filling and enticing to motivate you to delve into the book. It is always important to give an idea of the players, the drama, the good, or evil and the potential outcome. Essentially painting a picture providing the essentials without sharing too many details. This premise accomplishes this.  4.0 out of 5.0

Turning the first few pages, I found drama and action beginning fairly quickly. A robbery and murder takes place. The build up was very nicely crafted. What I enjoyed was I didn’t have to wait very long to get a flavor of what was to come. This beginning was crucial because it set the foundation for the story. The pace was agreeable. It slowed slightly, but reasonable as the story developed.

Pace – Medium

I became very interested in how Harrison evolves. The character maturation, not only of Harrison but the mage, and the other 6 is well constructed and harmonious. The landscape, history of the lands and culture, as well as moral all were pleasing to the intellect and imagination.

I really enjoyed not having distractions grammatically. I didn’t notice any structural issues which can detract from the story’s development and flow. The reading ride was smooth. Lastly the scene and story transitions occurred seamlessly. It didn’t require rereading which is important.

I continued to engage in the story. My interest in what was next continued to rise. Attention to detail was evident in the historical development of Harrison. I enjoyed, especially this being a fantasy genre book, the balance and subtlety of the mage’s involvement and advice initially. After only finishing the first 75 pages, I look forward to the excitement, intrigue and thrills of the adventure as it unfolds. I feel confident in the beginning therefore a “MF”(must finish) it is.

Overall, this a great story taking place in a time where as usual evil is being challenged by 7 chosen warriors, one pretty young, yet skilled and having the support of a special experienced mage. The beginning, ACT ONE gives the indication the rest of this novel is worth diving into.

Margaret P. “mph2027” from Boulder, CO USA says:

"Legend of the Treasure" is set in a Dungeons & Dragons style setting, a world of magic and swordplay and mystical creatures. Centuries before, a great civilization rose and fell, and people today often find ancient magical artifacts -- think if our society fell, of people finding yet another Wendy's or McDonalds, filled with intact plastic tables & bathroom fixings, but items magical instead.

The main character and his companions set out from their home city on a grand quest. Legends tell of a great treasure, hidden by the rulers of their city long ago. With cryptic clues from an ancient mage, they set off in search of this treasure, hoping to improve the lives of their city.

This novel is cheerful, upbeat and optimistic; the main character loyal, brave, and selfless. It reads very much like a D&D adventure, which will bring back happy memories if you've ever played. Overall a fun book, suitable for a lazy afternoon or long airplane ride, and widely appropriate.

"Legend of the Treasure" is a wonderful first novel. Unlike most fantasy books, this small press novel was carefully crafted over many years, by an author more interested in telling a majestic tale than finishing quickly. The price is a bit higher than large press printings, but I think you'll find the expenditure worthwhile.

Brian A. Barber from Grafton, MA USA says:

The last books I read were several of the Stephen Ambrose WWII books (top notch by the way) and I was in need of something a bit lighter. The "Legend of the Treasure" was the right fit. I read this book over several days. I found it to be a lot of fun and a captivating read. I recommend the book for anyone who just wants relax and get lost in a good book. I would have given it 5 stars except I know I'll have to wait for the sequels.

Allison Ayres “AA123” from Bristol, RI USA says:

Well I couldn't put it down after just the first chapter...I had to keep reading. It is great! I feel like I am part of the adventure. Your descriptions are great (especially when you talk about candles) I can picture the scene perfectly in my head and that to me makes the story even better. I will keep in touch as I continue to read on. Please feel free to add me to your address book. Thanks for giving me something new to read!!!

WRLangeJr from Ft. Lauderdale, FL USA says:

Finished your book a little while back on my trip over to Europe. Maybe because I was getting into it, it seemed to read faster and faster as I continued with it.

Dldion from Tiverton, RI USA says:

Fantasy genre is not my favorite but I found myself getting involved in the story. You write in a way that a picture comes to mind. Your words flow easily. I found myself wanting to read more to find out what happens next. I am looking forward to next book. Great job.

Bgutier from Newport, RI USA says:

My daughter Gabby has started to read the book and she said it's a "grabber." That's key for her -- to immediately get her interested – and key that you did! Just wanted you to know.

Rose Dancu from Pawleys Island, SC USA says:

The Legend of the Treasure is captivating. It kept my utmost attention of what was going to happen next... It is rich in the depth of the culture of the time within the storyline... much like C. S. Lewis - a battle against good and evil. The story itself continues to delight with unexpected anecdotes within the over-all adventure. I was thoroughly fascinated by the wonderful mysticism underlying all elements of the story. It drew me in. Challenge, conflict, battles, sacrifice, humorous camaraderie, bold action, gentle awareness, love, unexpected mystical miracles, wrestling with calling... what a story! A must read.

Parker McQueeney from Marcellus, NY USA says:

The Overlords is different from every other fantasy book.

Collin Shea from Warwick, RI USA says:

This was an excellent book. The Overlords was probably the best book I have read since I read Lord of The Rings, which was quite some time ago. I stayed up very late many nights unable to put the book down until my eyes became so tired that I couldn't read the words anymore. I am looking forward to the next two books coming out.

Bob Paige, from New Bedford, MA USA says:

I just finished the Talisman of Unification. I loved it. The plot twist about the brothers is great. I did notice that you probably in a former life had played Dungeons & Dragons as ring of invisibility has the same characteristics of making you turn visible when you draw weapons (I also played this fantasy game many years ago). I am hopeful that the next volume will be available by Christmas. Even though you wrote much of this book first, it is rich in character development but I am glad you published the Treasure of the land first as it gives the reader the background to truly appreciate volume 2. I look forward to getting volume 3 autographed to add to my collection as someday we all will look back on this and say I met the author when....... I hope that a major publishing house picks you up soon so you can really start to get the attention that you and the books deserve.